While there are many reasons students might want to undertake university studies abroad, there are some general trends. The main three reasons for choosing to study abroad are:

  1. To acquire skills
  2. To gain knowledge
  3. To improve career prospects

There are also several reasons which relate to students home environments

  1. Excess demand for higher education / lack of places in home country universities
  2. Need for internationally recognised qualifications
  3. Market requirements in terms of highly skilled labour

Personal career advancement is really important and especially demand for something different than what is available at home. Then of course there are also a lot of students who are interested in having a new life experience. Students are also interested in experiencing a different culture and making new friends abroad. The rational decision to study abroad is linked to the financial implications of choosing an international education, while the emotive decision is often linked to the experience. A mix of the two seems healthy.

Bridget Egan,
Managing Director, Global Student