From the Director

Bridget Egan PhDHi! I’ m Bridget Egan, founder and Managing Director of Global Student. I created Global Student in 1998 out of a passion for international education and a desire to share and develop international study abroad opportunities for students. I am from New Zealand and have enjoyed international education myself, studying my last year of high-school in Belgium. I taught English for several years in Latin America and New Zealand, and completed a PhD which looked at how international education serves as a conduit for engagement between countries. I believe wholeheartedly that an international education experience provides an excellent experience for personal and professional growth. Through Study abroad we can develop a new generation of Global citizens, better able to understand each other and appreciate language and cultural differences. The person-to-person diplomacy enacted through the friendships students make while abroad is an increasingly important aspect of the Study Abroad experience as the world becomes more integrated and as a new generation grows up with issues affecting the planet in which co-operation will be a precursor to finding solutions.

Our promise to families

  • Our assistance to families wanting their children to study abroad is FREE
  • We chose the best and safest options for young students
  • We focus on a range of options best suited to providing young students with opportunities; to develop abilities in a range of languages, develop social and cultural awareness and skills and learn and enhance in sporting confidence and fitness.

Your children will have an edge in terms of skills development for an increasingly competitive environment, and they will benefit from a more global perspective.

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