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High Schools in New Zealand

Our company aims to provide the finest and most suitable secondary school options for your child. As our head office is based in New Zealand, we work with a wide range of high schools throughout the country including public, private and co-ed schools.

Students and families appreciate the high standard of education offered in New Zealand. New Zealand is consistently ranked in the top two or three safest countries in the world due to the low crime rate and absence of dangerous animals.

New Zealand Education System

New Zealand high schools provide one of three qualification and examinations frameworks. Public schools mostly use the official NCEA, while private schools may choose to follow NCEA, CIE or IB. Students gain university entrance based on the college results of whichever qualification they complete without having to sit another university entrance exam.

NCEA (National Certificate of Educational Achievement)


  • The official secondary school qualification in New Zealand.
  • 3 levels in the three final years of high school (year 11-13)


  • To pass each level, students must gain certain credits at that level or above using a four-grade scale: Not Achieved (N), Achieved (A), Merit (M) and Excellence (E).

University Entrance

  • Students can gain University Entrance if they successfully pass NCEA Level 3
  • Gaining 14 credits in each of three Approved Subjects
  • Achieving Literacy and Numeracy criterias.

CIE (Cambridge International Examinations)


  • Founded by the University of Cambridge, a provider of international qualifications, offering examinations and qualifications in more than 160 countries


  • Qualifications offered include:
    • Cambridge International General Certificate of Education – Advanced Level (GCE A-Levels)
    • AICE Diploma (Advanced International Certificate of Education Diploma)
    • Cambridge Pre-U programme
    • IGCSEs and Key Stage examinations for primary and secondary schools across the globe.

University Entrance

  • Minimum of 120 points on the UCAS Tariff at A or AS level from an approved list.
  • Plus a D grade or above in syllabuses from at least three different syllabus groups (excluding Thinking Skills).
  • Similar to NCEA, literacy and numeracy standards are also required for CIE.

IB (International Baccalaureate)


  • Founded in 1968, the IB Diploma Programme offers four educational programmes for children aged 3–19 in 108 countries worldwide.
  • A number of schools in New Zealand currently offer the IB including ACG Senior College, Auckland Diocesan School, Rangitoto College and John McGlashan College.


  • Criterion-based assessment system (Pupils are judged to have passed or failed depending on whether they reach a pre-determined score, not on how they compare to how everyone else does).

University Entrance

  • Obtaining the full IB Diploma (24 points minimum).
  • Completed with English as Language A1 at either Higher or Standard Level and;
  • Mathematics subject satisfies the numeracy requirements for university entrance.

North Island


Auckland Public Schools

• Long Bay College (NCEA)
• Rangitoto College (NCEA / IB)
• Mcleans College (NCEA / CIE)
• Western Springs College (NCEA)
• Auckland Grammar School (NCEA / CIE)

  • Epsom Girls Grammar (NCEA)


Auckland (Private Schools)

• ACG Parnell College (CIE)
• ACG Senior College (CIE / IB)
• ACG Strathallan (CIE)
• ACG Sunderland(CIE)
• Diocesan School for Girls (NCEA / IB)
• Pinehurst School (CIE)
• Kings College

Hamilton (Public Schools)

• Hamilton Boys’ High School (NCEA / CIE)
• Waikato Diocesan School for Girls (NCEA)
• Hillcrest High School (NCEA)

Tauranga (Public School)

• Mount Maunganui College (NCEA)

Marton (Private)

• Nga Tawa Diocesan School for Girls (NCEA)

Wanganui (Public)

• Wanganui High School (NCEA)

Whangarei (Public Schools)

• Whangarei Boys’ High School (NCEA / CIE)
• Whangarei Girls’ High School (NCEA)

South Island



• John McGlashan College for boys (NCEA / IB)
• St Hilda’s Collegiate School (NCEA)

Queenstown (Public)

• Wakatipu High School (NCEA)

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