Study in China

Study in China

Quick Facts:

Main Language: Mandarin
Currency: Renminbi
International Students – Approx 400,000 per year
Capital city: Beijing
Head of State: President
Unemployment: Approx 4.7%

Learn one of the world’s fastest growing languages, Mandarin, in China. Increasing numbers of international students are making this choice since immersion is the best way to become fluent while learning about and appreciating the culture. Global Student works with an excellent Chinese language school “Mandarin House” which has schools in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Suzhou and Changchun.

Mandarin House has won international awards for high quality teaching, and ensures students learn Chinese as fast and efficiently as possible. Young students can choose to study at campuses in Shanghai and Beijing, with a residence option in Shanghai only. The residence has 24 hour supervision by school staff and is located 5 minutes’ walk from the Shanghai Peoples Square school. Mandarin is a great skill for the new generation, with the language quickly gaining importance as an international language of business.

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