Study in Japan

Study in Japan

Quick Facts:

Main Language: Japanese
Currency: Yen
International Students –Approx 140,000 per year
Capital city: Tokyo
Head of State: Emperor and Prime Minister
Unemployment: Approx 3.2

Japan attracts large numbers of international language and university students. Students of all ages choose to study at the school Global Student represents, Genki.

Genki Japanese School is a great place for learners who want to learn Japanese and culture in Japan. This school has two campuses, one in Fukuoka City, and another is in Tokyo. The school won industry awards in 2009 and 2014, and is considered by many, to be the most flexible, fun and rewarding Japanese school in Japan. Classes are small, with a maximum of 7 students so students are gain a lot of practise with their teachers.

The Japanese Pop Culture course is recommended for young students. This includes speaking, reading, cultural study and fun. Students enjoy 20 lessons and 3 cultural experience classes each week. Cultural experiences can include; traditional Japanese tea ceremony, visit to a Maid or Cat café, Cosplay and more.

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