What schools say about us

I have pleasure in providing a reference for the Education Agency – Global Student.  Global Student has been a partner of the University of Auckland for over 15 years.  During this time they have been an active agent and have sent several hundred students for both English and degree programmes.  This agency provides exceptional service to their students and is a pleasure to work with as they are very efficient.  They send students from a variety of countries and also provide additional homestay and pastoral care options.

Bridget Egan, the owner of Global Student is a person of high integrity and completely reliable in her business dealings.  I would have not hesitation in recommending both Bridget and Global Student as business partners.

Bryan Read
Director Business Development
University of Auckand

Embassy English and Global Student have been working together since 2008 and as the Regional Sales Manager for New Zealand I have been working closely with the Global Student team for several years.

In that time I have found them to be outstanding in the very high level of student support they offer and their professionalism.   Global Student are able to effectively recruit in a variety of markets including challenging Gulf State markets.  Their extensive knowledge of the market enables them to effectively meet the needs of their students and they work closely with us to ensure that we are delivering the academic outcomes their students wish to achieve.

Global Student have also expanded into the Latin American market and have been strongly supporting Embassy English globally with bookings into our Australasian, American and Canadian campuses.  Their ability to support students in multiple countries is a great asset to Embassy English.

I look forward to Global Student growing with Embassy English as they expand into new markets and continue to offer superior service to an increasing number of students.

Matthew Pickering
Embassy Sales Manager Victoria, NSW and New Zealand

It is my pleasure to recommend Global Student to you.

Global Student initiated a relationship with ACG in 2001. In the past 16 years, we have witnessed its development and progress from that of a small new agency to a dominant one in the Middle Eastern market.

There are two key factors that contribute to Global Student’s success as an agency.

Firstly, Global Student has an excellent team of staff. They are closely familiar with the education system of New Zealand. They are able to provide students with accurate information about schools and academic programmes. The whole team also keeps a close eye on the domestic and overseas markets in terms of trends and developments.

The other key factor is the company culture. Global Student is committed to a strong customer service concept. As a result, staff members respond to customer needs and expectations responsibly and professionally.

I would recommend Global Student as a trustworthy business partner because of the high levels of student support offered and the performance levels of the agency.

Global Student is currently one of ACG’s most productive partners in terms of Saudi Arabian students recruited for the Group. I have no hesitation in recommending Global Student to any educational provider.

Kim Harase
Director of Marketing, International
Academic Colleges Group