As explained by Auckland University of Technology:

Security of computer systems and networks is a major concern for organisations and individuals.

With the rapid expansion of the Internet, cybercrime and malicious software deployments are on the increase. There is a need for security professionals who can protect assets and information by securing networks and computer systems. The MISDF also develops skills in discovering and recording digital forensic evidence of crimes and malicious behaviour by extracting data from networks, hard drive, cell phones and other digital devices.

The Master of Information Security and Digital Forensics covers the critical aspects of information security and digital forensics:

  • Protecting computer and network systems
  • Critically analysing current security threats and planning mitigation strategies
  • Seizing and securing IT and other digital equipment used for criminal activity
  • Interpreting and analysing the content of hard disks and other electronic media to build an understanding of the processes underpinning possible criminal activity
  • Gathering evidence from electronic media and other sources of potential criminal activity in a systematic and rigorous way
  • Presenting such evidence in a court of law in a way that is intelligible to non-experts”

The Master of Information Security and Digital Forensics is a one-and-a-half-year program which starts in February and July. There are limited places in this program so we recommend you apply in as soon as you have made your decision.

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