How is Global Student able to provide services for free?

We have contracts with the institutions we represent, who remunerate us for the enrolments we make to them.

Is there a financial incentive for staff to recommend one institution over another?

We guarantee our students that this is never a consideration. We advise students purely on the options that are in their best interest. Students can trust that when they are advised to study a particular course, in a particular institution, this is the option which best fits their background and goals.

What documents do I need to send for a bachelor application?

Normally you need to email us; copy of your high school transcript and graduation certificate, copy of your passport, your full contact details.

What documents do I need to send for a master degree application?

Normally you need to email us; copy of your bachelor transcript and graduation certificate, transcripts and certificates for any other post graduate qualifications, copy of your passport, CV, references, your full contact details.

Do I need to courier my original documents to you?

In most cases, and especially in New Zealand, a copy of your documents by email is fine and we can get you an offer which is conditional on sighting your original documents before you start your course. Some countries like Australia, require us to see your original documents before we apply, so you will need to courier these to us and we will return them to you by courier also.

Do I need to give you an IELTS or TOEFL result to apply for university?

If you are from and have studied in a non-English speaking country, you will need an IELTS or TOEFL before beginning your degree. However, we can usually apply for you to get a “conditional offer” from the university, which means you have certainty of being accepted into the program of your choice. This gives you time to study English and gain your IELTS or TOEFL before beginning your course.

Do you help with PhD applications?

We help with PhD applications on a case by case basis. We specialise in PhD applications in New Zealand and the process differs from university to university. It is a very competitive process. Some universities require you to have a PhD supervisor before being accepted into the program and some request students apply directly. However, if you send us a copy of your research proposal we can suggest the best university for your topic and in some cases, we can apply on your behalf. In general, you should already have studied a research Master degree, or a Master degree that is 30% research based, and have a solid research proposal.

How do you choose which language schools to recommend?

First we listen to your preferences in terms of city, country, type of experience. Then we consider the schools we work with and suggest the one that will best match your preferences. We visit language schools regularly and keep in touch with students, so as to gain continual feedback from students in regards to the schools we work with.

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