Why Us

Global Student is a free consultancy service for students wishing to study abroad. We have been assisting students from around the world, since 1998.

Global Student has special expertise in helping students from the Middle East, China and South America.

We help students enrol in all types of courses including English, high school and university studies. We specialise in tertiary enrolments.

Global Student's Mission:


To increase multi-cultural understanding through the promotion of the international experience

To provide a smooth transition to the new country and a memorable experience.

To focus on the best alternatives for each student.

Global Student has gained a strong reputation with both students and institutions. We work hard to provide individual study plans for students, which take into account each student’s strengths, interests and ambitions. We offer students and institutions a high level of professionalism and strong work ethic. Indeed ethical work practice is central to everything we do. Word-of-mouth has been our primary marketing method. When believe that when we do a great job with the students we assist, they recommend our services to others.

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