What students say about us

First, before you come to New Zealand and deal with one of the offices that help in studying abroad you should know that Global Student is the only office that can help in any problems at New Zealand, especially that they have an office at New Zealand, Auckland. Global Student is the key to deal with other institutions. With Global Student you will be at trusted hands.


Saudi Arabia

I decided to apply the postgraduate diploma in public health in Auckland University, actually, I did not give myself too much hope because I know if my hopes were so high and I would be doomed to disappointment. However, Global Student tried their best to apply this programme for me and gave me confidence as well.  We had been waiting for more than 6 weeks together and waiting the result sounds torture for me, but last week I have received me offer for admission in Public Health, Postgraduate diploma eventually.

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to global student, especially to Zhang Ping. Without her supportive and professional opinion, I would not like to choose this program for my career and I will not be a successful applicant for UoA. So I am so appreciate that I received a great help from global student. If you are an international student and if you also worry about your future, there is a place waiting for you— the global student.

Come to global student and you will gain what you want!



My name is Irene Lorenzo. I am from Madrid (Spain), and almost three years ago I decided to come to New Zealand to study at Massey University. It was a big change, since I was coming to the opposite side of the world to study at Uni! At the beginning I barely knew things about New Zealand, but a Spanish friend of mine recommended me to contact the Global Student team, and I am so glad I did so! They helped me understanding better what the requirements for studying at a NZ University were, the things that I had to do in order to enroll at University,…etc.They also helped me with some of the paperwork! I am so thankful for all their support and help, they are amazing people!



The Global Student is well-known in Auckland and around the world as it has a very good reputation and experienced people who are friendly and kind. In my personal experience, when I was studying my English courses I was frustrated because I could not get an offer of place very easily in order to complete my postgraduate study, I stayed in touch with the Global Student and they obtained for me an offer of place to study my PhD in Mechanical engineering at Waikato University in Hamilton, so I really appreciate all the members of the Global Student for their welcoming and assistance also they impressed me because of their proficiency, willingness  and commitments to satisfy  their clients.

Adel Abdulhamed Ameer


I saw the possibility of continuing my studies, and found the opportunity through a scholarship called “becas chile” which my country provides for students to study abroad. My main concern was working out how to go with my family since I am married and have two children of 3 and 4 years. I was worried about how to apply and get an acceptance in an overseas university. It was then that I found Global Student, who, through their director Bridget Egan, they gave me the necessary assistance to apply to the University of Auckland in New Zealand. Thanks to her I was accepted into the Master of International Business, where I was able to get a conditional offer to study English first within the same university.



I am very pleased to have integrated into a team which is so friendly and warm. They made me feel at ease from the beginning, and this allowed me to work in good conditions. I’ve had a very good experience (in marketing and communications) within a social and always available, team. Considering my internship at Global Student, they met my needs, in the same way that I’ve seen the staff attentive to the needs of other students they’ve received. It’s an experience that I would like to have again if I have the opportunity, and why not work at Global Student later, to help students from my country study in New Zealand…


New Caledonia