Study in Italy

Study in Italy

Quick Facts:

Main Language: Italian
Currency: Euro
International Students –Approx 40,000 per year
Capital city: Rome
Head of State: President
Unemployment: Approx 11.5%

Thinking of an adventure in Italy? Learn the language or perhaps mix language with a cooking or culture class. Courses for adults and seniors. Global Student works with two excellent language schools in Italy.

Studio Italia – Rome

Accademia Studioitalia is an award-winning Italian language school in Rome. The school provides intensive Italian language courses, junior programs, Italian exam preparation and teacher training in a stimulating and innovative educational environment. For nearly 30 years Studioitalia has been a leader in Italy and in the world of teaching, cooperating with universities and cultural institutes all around the world.

Omnilingua – Sanremo

Omnilingua is a professional language school offering courses in Italian, and other languages (Arabic, French, Japanese, English, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and German). This school is located in the famous resort town of Sanremo, close to the historical part of the city and beach and suitable for students from 16 years of age.

Babilonia – Taormina, Sicily

Babilonia is a great place to study Italian while enjoying the South of Italy. The school offers both Italian and culture courses (literature or art and history) and students can combine Italian class with; cookery, diving, hiking, pottery, mountain biking or golf. There is even a 50 years + option.

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